Choosing the Right Time-Tracking Tool for Trello: A Look at Everhour and Assista

Assista vs Everhour timetracking
Assista vs Everhour timetracking

Navigating the world of Trello power-ups can be overwhelming. Looking for a time-tracking tool? You've probably come across Everhour and Assista. Although both offer efficient time-tracking solutions, there are nuances that might sway you towards one or the other. Let's break them down feature-by-feature.

Approach to Time-Tracking

With Assista, time-tracking is automatic and triggered by card movements between lists in Trello - a natural, hands-off approach that lets you focus more on tasks, and less on tracking time. Everhour, while offering efficient time-tracking, requires manual start/stop of timers, potentially leading to missed entries.

Reporting: A Crucial Difference

Both tools feature robust reporting capabilities. However, Assista shines with its Trello-specific Reports Page, which provides tailored insights into time spent on Trello tasks. While Everhour's reports are detailed, they may not provide the Trello-focused insights that Assista boasts.

User Experience & Integration

Assista is built to blend seamlessly with the Trello interface. All of its features are accessible directly from Trello cards, making it feel like a natural extension. Everhour, though user-friendly, requires a bit more of toggling between Trello and Everhour.

Timeboxing: A Game-Changer

Exclusive to Assista's Business Plans is the timeboxing feature - a productivity booster that allows users to assign a specific time frame to each task. Despite Everhour's compelling feature set, it does not currently offer a timeboxing feature as part of its Trello integration.

Pricing Models

Assista follows a freemium model with a basic free plan and a paid plan for access to advanced features like timeboxing. Everhour works on a subscription basis with pricing per user per month.

The Final Verdict

Both Assista and Everhour offer powerful time-tracking solutions for Trello. Your choice depends on your specific needs and workflow. If you prize seamless integration with Trello, automated time tracking, Trello-specific reporting, and the innovative timeboxing feature, Assista stands out as a top choice. For teams comfortable with a blend of manual tracking and integrated reporting, Everhour can be a good fit.

Remember, it’s all about what fits best with your team’s workflow and the nature of your projects. Both tools are designed to make your life easier, boost productivity, and provide valuable insights into how time is spent on tasks.