Planyway and Assista: A Closer Look at Time-Tracking Features Within Trello

Assista vs Planyway
Assista vs Planyway

Trello's versatility has led to a surge in its popularity for project management. Augmenting this capability is an array of powerful time-tracking power-ups, like Planyway and Assista. But which one provides superior time-tracking features within Trello? Here's a closer look at both.

Time-Tracking and Integration

Assista provides automated time-tracking within Trello, monitoring the movement of cards between lists. This seamless integration allows users to focus on tasks rather than time management. Planyway, on the other hand, offers time-tracking as part of a suite of features including calendar, timeline, and team planner. While Planyway's multifunctionality might appeal to some, users looking for a dedicated time-tracking solution may find Assista's specific focus more appealing.

Reporting Capabilities

Assista's Reports Page provides a comprehensive view of time spent on tasks, offering adjustable filters and groupings for granular insights. Planyway, while offering robust reporting features, combines time tracking reporting with other project management metrics which can be a bit overwhelming for users who need a focus on time-tracking.


Timeboxing, present only in Assista's Business Plans, allows users to allocate specific time slots for each task. This feature helps to boost productivity by encouraging focus on tasks within an allotted time. Despite Planyway's range of features, it doesn't offer a specific timeboxing feature within Trello.

User Experience

Assista seamlessly blends into the Trello interface offering an intuitive experience with features accessible directly from Trello cards. Planyway, while offering a broad range of features, might feel a bit cumbersome to users seeking a dedicated and straightforward time-tracking solution.


Assista offers a free basic plan covering fundamental time-tracking needs and a paid plan for advanced features like timeboxing. Planyway operates on a freemium model with a limited free plan and paid plans for access to more advanced functionalities.


While both Assista and Planyway offer time-tracking solutions within Trello, they cater to different needs. If you're seeking a dedicated, automated time-tracking solution with a focus on Trello-specific reporting and timeboxing, Assista is an excellent choice. Conversely, if you prefer a multifunctional solution that combines time tracking with other project management features, Planyway may be more suitable.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your specific requirements, the complexity of your projects, and your personal preference for a dedicated or multifunctional solution. Both Assista and Planyway can enhance productivity and streamline workflows within Trello.