Harvest vs Assista: A Comprehensive Comparison of Time-Tracking Capabilities in Trello

Assista vs Harvest
Assista vs Harvest

In the landscape of project management tools, Trello has emerged as a favorite for many businesses. To further enhance its capabilities, power-ups like Assista and Harvest provide integrated time-tracking solutions. But which one offers the better time-tracking capabilities for Trello users? Let's dissect both and find out.

Time-Tracking and Integration

Though both Assista and Harvest offer time-tracking within Trello, their methods contrast. Assista provides a seamless experience with automatic time-tracking as users move Trello cards between lists. Harvest, however, requires users to manually start and stop timers from within Trello, which could lead to forgotten entries or inaccuracies.

Reporting Capabilities

Assista's robust Reports Page provides a comprehensive view of work hours, with customizable filters and groupings for deep insights. On the other hand, Harvest offers elegant and visually appealing time and expense reports. However, Harvest's reports might not provide the Trello-specific insights that Assista's reports do, making Assista more beneficial for those seeking to understand their Trello workflows better.


Timeboxing, a feature exclusive to Assista's Business Plans, is a significant advantage. It allows users to allocate a specific timeframe to each task, enhancing focus and productivity. Despite Harvest's robust feature set, it does not provide a timeboxing feature within Trello.

User Experience

Assista is built to feel like a natural extension of Trello, providing an intuitive user experience with all features accessible right from the Trello cards. Although Harvest provides a clean and user-friendly interface, it requires switching between Trello and Harvest for some features, which might disrupt some users' workflow.


Assista provides a free plan covering fundamental time-tracking needs with advanced features like timeboxing available in their paid plans. Harvest, however, operates on a freemium model, providing a free plan with limited features and paid plans for more advanced functionality.


While both Assista and Harvest offer powerful time-tracking solutions, they serve different needs and preferences. If you desire seamless integration with Trello, automatic time tracking, Trello-specific reporting, and the benefit of timeboxing, Assista could be your choice. For users who prefer a standalone time-tracking solution with strong reporting capabilities and don't mind managing their time tracking separately from Trello, Harvest might be a better fit.

Ultimately, the choice between Assista and Harvest comes down to your specific needs, workflow, and the nature of your projects. Both tools offer the potential to greatly enhance productivity and efficiency in managing time.