# Time Comments

  • Each card has an Assista button that can be used to add or remove time.

  • You can also add or remove time by adding a comment starting with !assista...

  • Here are some examples of valid time comments:

  • !assista add 20 minutes - adds 20 minutes to self

  • !assista add 20 m - (m/minutes are both valid) - adds 20 minutes to self

  • !assista remove 20 minutes - removes 20 minutes to self

  • !assista add 1.5 hours - adds 1h:30m to self

  • !assista remove 15 minutes on 2022-06-29 - remove 15 minutes on a specific day

  • !assista add 20 minutes for @borisfilipov - adds 20 minutes to a user named @borisfilipov

Notice that the username should use the new Trello username popup like this: image

  • !assista remove 5 h for @borisfilipov - removes 5 hours for @borisfilipov (h/hours are both valid)

With the new timeboxing feature (available on our Business plans) you can also timebox a card with the following comments:

  • !assista timebox 20 minutes - timebox the card for 20 minutes