# Daily Activity Page

The Daily Activity page is a personalized view that shows what you worked on during the day.

  • On the top you can see an aggregate information on how much time you spent on cards during the day and how many you worked on.
  • Then you can see a breakdown on which cards were tracked and if there are any that you are currently working on. The "in progress" cards are shown with green mark by showing the lists they are currently being tracked in.
  • You can filter the view for any board or list you are interested in, by clicking the "Boards" filter on the top right.
  • If there is nothing filtered, the page shows every task and on every board you are part of.


  • Q: I don't see cards tracked by my team members
  • A: The Daily Activity Page only shows your personal information. To see data for your whole team, go to the Reports Page

  • Q: What is an "unfinished card"?
  • A: If a card has stayed in a tracking list for more than 24 hours, Assista will display it as "unfinished" to remind you to look at it.