# Reports Page

The Reports page shows the big picture of your and your team's work.

# Filtering

  • Filter by timeframe, board, label or member.
  • Depending on the timeframe you choose, the vertical bar chart will display total hours worked for a specific day, week or month.
  • If you don't apply any filters, by default you will only see data for yourself and all boards and labels you are part of.
  • If you want to see data for your team for example, you can select all team members from the "members" filter.
  • The pie chart will show you total hours worked for that specific time period.

# Grouping

  • You can further group the data either by "board", "member" or "card"
  • If you have selected several boards to filter by and you group by "board", you will see each board as individual entry in the groups section.
  • If you have selected several members in the filter and group by "member", you will see each member and their total times for that time period as an entry in the groups section.
  • Grouping by card will show individual cards as entries.

# Exporting

  • After you have applied a specific filtering, you can export the data as an XLS file.
  • Click on the "Export" button and you will be prompted to save the data to an external file.