# Timeboxing

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Timeboxing is a time management strategy commonly used in project management and software development. Imagine it as setting a fixed amount of time, or 'box' of time, for a specific task or group of tasks. Using tools like Trello, you can assign each card (which represents a task) a specific timebox -- for example, 2 hours, 4 hours, or even a full day.

Once a task is given a timebox, it means that you should complete that task within the assigned time. This encourages focus and productivity, and helps prevent tasks from dragging on indefinitely. Timeboxing also allows for better planning and estimation, as you have a clearer idea of how long each task should take.

In a nutshell, timeboxing lets you manage your work more effectively, making sure that time is used efficiently, and that each task receives the attention it needs, but not more than it deserves."

Remember, the key to successful timeboxing is not just assigning time, but respecting those time limits. If a task isn't completed within its timebox, you may need to reassess whether the task was too large, or whether the timebox was too small. It's a method that not only helps you manage your time but also continually improve on your task estimations.

Here is an example of how you can timebox a card in Trello using Assista:


  1. Click on the "assista" button on the right of the card
  2. Choose the "timebox" option and the amount of time you want to timebox.
  3. Save the comment or simply write a comment in the following format:

!assista timebox 2 hours

!assista timebox 30 minutes

  1. You will see a progress bar displaying the total timeboxed amount and how much time has been spent on the task.