# What you can do with Assista in Trello

Trello View

When you add Assista to a Trello board, you will get a few features added to the Trello interface:

# Assista board button

  • Assista button on the top of the Trello menu where the Power-Ups are situated.
  • Clicking the Assista button opens the Assista Dashboard with the Daily Activity, Timeline and Reports views.

# Card badge and card back section

  • Each card with some time tracked on it will have an Assista icon and the total time spent by all team members for that card.
  • When you open a card, you will see a card back section added with information about how much time each member of your team worked on that specific card.
  • When a member moves a card to a tracking list, Assista will show a green dotted animated line around the user's avatar.

# Card button and time comments

  • Each card has an Assista button that can be used to add or remove time.
  • You can also add or remove time by adding a time comments