# Frequently Asked Questions

# Q: Why is there an Unassigned user and time visible on the card?


At times, you may notice a time record labeled "Unassigned" for a non-existing member, as shown in the screenshot above. This scenario often occurs when:

  1. The card is being tracked in a "tracking list".
  2. The user, who was initially tracked on the card, has been removed as a member of that card. Under such circumstances, Assista continues tracking the card since it is part of a tracking list. However, it cannot assign that tracked time to any existing members, as all of them have left the card. This feature might be useful in some scenarios, but not all.

If you wish to remove the unassigned time record, you can add a card comment on the card as given below:

!assista remove 2 minutes for N/A

In this context, N/A refers to the non-existing user.